Pehlwaan Rewri Recipe

Pehlwaan Rewri Recipe


White Sugar (1.5 cup)

Brown sugar (1.5 cup)

Sesame seeds (1 cup)

Corn syrup (1.5 tea spoon)

Salt (1.5 tea spoons)

Rose water (1 tablespoon)


Take a heavy bottom pan and put it on medium heat. Add white sugar and brown sugar along with water and corn syrup. We are adding corn syrup instead of glucose syrup because we want the crunchy effect rather than soft candy effect.

Keep stirring the mixture until sugar is dissolved and everything is perfectly mixed together. Once it reached almost 250 F temperature, you will see the color is light brown and the texture is thick syrupy.

Add rose water to enhance the taste. And finally add oil to prevent it from sticking.

Take a dish and line it with butter paper, with the help of a spoon take your desired size ball and line them on the paper.

Roast the sesame seeds and cover these candies with a thin layer of sesame seed. Let them cool down and you have your rewari.

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