Jalandar Motichoor House Ladoo Recipe

Jalandar Motichoor House Ladoo Recipe


Chickpea powder (2 cup)

Food color (optional)

Oil (3 cup for frying)

Cardamom powder (2 tea spoon)

Sugar (2 cup)

Water (2 cup)

Almond (for garnishing)


In a big bowl add chickpea flour and water, with the help of a whisker keep whisking the mixture until there are no lumps and the mixture is smooth and fluffy, you can add food color if you want.

In a pan add oil and heat it till it ready to fry. Now take a sieve with big holes and add the mixture, it will turn the mixture into small balls, if you don’t have sieve you can simple use small spoon.

In another pan add water, cardamom powder and sugar and let the sugar dissolve completely. Once it is dissolved you will see the mixture is thick just like sugar syrup. Now put the fried balls into the mixture and let them soak the syrup.

Drain the balls from syrup once they are soggy. If they are too big you can mash it with fork.

Grease your hands and kneel them together till they are just like grainy dough. Make small balls and garnish them with almonds.

They are ready to be served.

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