Khushi ki Barfi Recipe

Khushi ki Barfi Recipe


Unsweetened Khoya (2 cup)

Saffron milk (2 table spoon)

Oil (2 table spoons)

Cardamom powder (2 teaspoon)

Sugar (1 cup)

Fresh Milk (1-2 table spoons)

Almond (optional)

Pistachio (optional)


Crumble the koya completely with the help of a shredder and add 2 table spoon of milk and kneel it with the help of your hand. Once it is smooth and just like a dough add sugar into this little by little and keep kneeling.

It totally optional, you can add 1 cup or even half cup of sugar if you want, it depends on your taste. Now add this mixture in a greased pan and put it on low head, the sugar will dissolve and the mixture will be moist. Add cardamom powder in the mixture.

Keep stirring the mixture until the texture is thick and sweet; now add saffron milk for extra flavor. It’s almost done, add some dry fruits, mix it well and dish it out.

In a greased pan spared the mixture in a thick layer and let it cool. Once it is cool enough sprinkle the remaining dry fruits and cut it into thin slices or cubes. It ready to be served.

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