Mazedar Haleem Karachi Recipe

Mazedar Haleem Karachi Recipe


Chicken boneless (1 kg)

Onion (1/4 kg)

Green coriander leaves (according to taste)

Wheat flakes (1/4 kg)

Split gram (1/4 kg)

Lentils (1/4 kg)

Oil (1/4 kg)

Salt (according to taste)

Ginger paste (1.5 table spoon)

Garlic paste (1.5 table spoon)

Cumin seeds (1 table spoon)

Chili powder (according to taste)

Dry coriander powder (1 tea spoon)


In a large pot add water and let it boil, once it is boiled add wheat flakes, split gram and lentils. Keep the flame at medium and keep stirring after every five minutes. Once they are boiled blend them together in a grinder to get a thick fluffy paste.

In a pan add oil and let it heat, once it is heated enough add sliced onion and fry. Take out the onions once they are nice golden brown. Add ginger paste, garlic paste along with half of the onions and rest of the spices. This will be out base for the Haleem.

Boil the boneless chicken in a separate pan and once it is boiled shred the chicken. If shredding is difficult just put it in a processor or grinder and you will get shredded chicken.

Mix the spice mixture, chicken and lentils together. Keep stirring the mixture, you will get perfect consistency neither too thin not too thick. It is finally done. Sprinkle the remaining fried onions and green coriander on top for garnishing and it is ready to be served.

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