Amrasa, Batkhela Malakand Recipe

Amrasa, Batkhela Malakand Recipe


Rice flour (1 kg)

All-purpose flour (1/4 kg)

Sesame seed (1/2 cup)

Water (1 cup)

Sugar (1/2 kg)

Oil (1/4 kg)


Roast the sesame seeds till they are light golden.

In a bowl mix rice flour and all-purpose flour.

Put a pan on stove and add sugar and water into the pan. This will convert into sugar syrup.

Add rice flour and all-purpose flour into the syrup and keep stirring, after almost five minutes take it off the stove.

Keep mixing and once it is cool enough kneel it with the help of your hand. It will convert into a hard dough.

Roll the dough with the help of a dough roller into a thick layer. Cut it into desired shape with the help of the rim of a cup or glass. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and press a little.

With the help of fork poke some holes in the middle and put it in the oil to fry. Once it turns golden brown it is ready, dish it out and serve it.

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