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  • Hafiz Multani Sohan Halwa

    Hafiz Ka Multani Sohan Halwa

    Sohan Halwa is a delicious traditional sweet, equally famous in Pakistan & India. It is prepared by fresh milk, sugar and dry fruits. For serving family members and guests, people buy it.

    Multani Sohan Halwa by Hafiz Habib-ur-Rehman at Hussain Agahi in Multan is the most demanding and famous that is presented as a lovely & sweet gift.

  • Karachi Nimco

    Karachi Nimco by Nimco Corner, Saddar, Karachi

    Nimco or Nimko is a salty & delicious dish usually offers during serving the guests, parties and functions. Karachi Nimco by Nimco, Bohri Bazar, Saddar, Karachi is the most famous throughout the country. People use it as a gift during the visit of Karachi City.

  • Khanpuri Pairay

    Khanpuri Pairay by Khoya Palace, Khanpur

    Paira is a lovely sweet recipe, made by milk, sugar and dry fruits. Khanpuri Pairay by Khoya Palace, Shahi Road, Khanpur are really a tasty, delicious and well-known sweet that is sent as a present on different occasions, events and festivals. Guests usually arrive in with such type of sweet gifts.

  • Pehlwan Rewari, Chakwal

    Pehlwan Rewari

    A special, pure and famous sweet in Pakistan is Rewari. It is usually use to serve guests and enjoying during travelling as well.

    Pehlwan Rewari, Chakwal manufactures the original and lovely taste of Rewari. According to the manufacturer, these raweris are made in pure desi ghee with other natural ingredients, must try in life.

  • Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar

    Sikandar’s Shikarpuri Pickles (Shikarpuri Achaar)

    Shikarpuri Pickles are famous around the world due the tastes, spices, varieties and qualities. Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar are popular in the world, a lot of pickle varieties are available in catalog, select and order for enjoying this tasty traditional food.

  • Khalifa Ki Badami Nankhatai

    Khalifa Bakers’ Nan-khatai, Lahore

    Nankhatai (Khalifa Nan Khatai)  (خطائی‎ نان) are crunchy shortbread biscuits very popular in Sub-continent countries India & Pakistan. This word of Nankhatai is derived from Irani word Naan defining bread & Khatai from an famous Afghan word describing Biscuit. Usually, in Afghanistan as well as Northeast Persia, these shortbread & crunchy biscuits are called Kulcha-e-Khataye. Here, kulcha is a kind of bread alike to Naan.

    Badami Nankhatai by Khalifa Bakers, Inside Mochi Gate, Lahore is the most famous and demanding crunchy cookie. It is delicious and light sweet with unique taste.

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    Sharaqpuri Gulab Jamun by Haji Hakim

    This is the most popular sweet in the subcontinent. Gulab Jamun is prepared by khoya/milk, sugar, grated paneer, baking powder and cardamom powder in ghee.

    Haji Hakim’s Shop in Sharaqpur Sharif is highly popular in Pakistan due to his tasteful and delicious Gulab Jamun, which are served in “Kujja” (Clay pot) traditionally. Place order today to get Haji Hakim’s Sharaqpuri Gulab Jamuns anywhere in Pakistan by us.

  • Haji Rabri, Hyderabad

    Rabri by Haji Rabri, Hyderabad is popular sweet, prepared by pure milk, sugar, and dry fruits. For genuine taste, cool rabri gives its full taste with deliciousness.

    Haji Rabri, Shahi Bazar, Hyderabad is the most famous brand in Pakistan, which has another branch in Karachi. Due to its taste, quality, and fragrance, it is highly demanding. It can be couriered in tin-pack throughout the country, as well as abroad, which remains safe & sound for a long time

  • Badayuni Pairay, Mardan

    Paira is a lovely sweet recipe, made by milk, sugar and dry fruits. In Pakistan, there two or three famous khoya & paira makers. Among these. Badayuni Pairay by Badayuni Sweets from Mardan, KPK are really a tasty and popular sweet dish that is sent as a gift on different occasions, events and festivals. Guests usually arrive in Pakistan with such type of sweet gifts.