Anwar Ka Khushabi Dhoda


Dhoda, a popular delicious sweet of sub-continent. Khushab city, Punjab, Pakistan is very famous for manufacturing of this traditional sweet. This is Anwar Dhoda House, Khushab’s specialty, must taste it, which is prepared by fresh milk, sugar, alum, liquid glucose as well as ghee with dry fruits in it. Pakistani Soghat offers you this festive sweet direct from Anwar Dhoda House, Khushab, place order today.

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Dhoda is a traditional sweet of the subcontinent. It is prepared with simple ingredients like milk, sugar, alum, and nuts. It is very popular in Pakistan and the most delighted is the one prepare in the District Khushaab of Pakistan.

Short History of Dhoda

The history of Dhoda is a century old. In the Sub-continent it was prepared formerly and now it has spread all over Pakistan and India. Dhoda has a history since 1912 and there are a number of cities in Pakistan where the delicious sweet is prepared. In Pakistan, it is most popular in Khushaab where it is prepared in different shops with Anwar’s shop being the one with most customers. Manzoor who is 60 years old has been preparing Dhoda for years. He owns the shop Anwar ka Khushabi Dhoda and he has other workers who help him as well. The Dhoda is not only sold in Khushaab but its customers are all over Pakistan and those Pakistani’s who live abroad also take it with them as a treat. Often the foreigners who are residing with Pakistani’s demand for the sweet once they have eaten it. Manzoor prepares the sweet with the help of his workers and often the demand for Dhoda during Eid and cultural events is so high that there is a long queue of customer’s outside the shop waiting for their

order to be placed. On Eid, it is sold hand in hand as there are a number of people who want to gift it as a celebration teat to family and friends and also when guests come over, it is served them with honor.

Ingredients & Recipe of Khushabi Dhoda

Dhoda is quite a simple dish and takes almost hour and a half in its preparation and cooking process. It is a sweet dish and dessert which is like a treat for the ones having it. The ingredients needed to prepare Dhoda are sugar, milk, alum, ghee, glucose in a small amount, and nuts like peanuts, pistachio, walnuts, and cashew nuts. The preparation involves the addition of fresh milk in a large non-stick pan. The milk is brought to boil at high heat. Alum and sugar are added as soon as the milk boils and still it is cooked with continuous stirring. In an hour almost, the milk becomes grainy and takes almost a solid form. The milk thickens during the process. When the milk is thick enough glucose is added with stirring and it is again cooked for a couple of minutes. The Dhoda is almost complete when the mixture starts leaving the sides on pan. In the last steps, a few drops of water are added so that is smoothens with continuous stirring. The mixture eventually turns brown and it indicates that the Dhoda is cooked properly. After cooling down, it is transferred on a tray greased with ghee and Dhoda is spread evenly. To make it more tempting, did nuts like cashew nuts, pistachio and almonds etc. are added which make the delicious sweet more appealing. Dhoda is spread evenly on the tray and then it is cut in small squares to be grabbed and eaten right away. It a a cherished and Delicious sweet around Khushaab and Pakistan.


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