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  • Anwar Ka Khushabi Dhoda

    Dhoda, a popular delicious sweet of sub-continent. Khushab city, Punjab, Pakistan is very famous for manufacturing of this traditional sweet. This is Anwar Dhoda House, Khushab’s specialty, must taste it, which is prepared by fresh milk, sugar,¬†alum, liquid glucose as well as ghee with dry fruits in it. Pakistani Soghat offers you this¬†festive sweet direct from Anwar Dhoda House, Khushab, place order today.

  • Afzal Ka Khushabi Dhodha

    Afzal Ka Khushabi Dhoda

    Afzal Ka Khushabhi Dhoda is a well-known specialty of Khushab City. It is made by pure & delicious ingredients. People buy it as a gift and make their occasions happy with this unique lovely sweet.