Hafiz Multani Sohan Halwa


Hafiz Ka Multani Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa is a delicious traditional sweet, equally famous in Pakistan & India. It is prepared by fresh milk, sugar and dry fruits. For serving family members and guests, people buy it.

Multani Sohan Halwa by Hafiz Habib-ur-Rehman at Hussain Agahi in Multan is the most demanding and famous that is presented as a lovely & sweet gift.

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Hafiz Ka Multani Sohan Halwa, a Delicious Pakistani Sweet

Multani Sohan Halwa (Hafiz Multani Halwa)  is a popular traditional sweet in Indo-Pak, which is a mixture of dense, sweet confection. The word Halwa is said that it is taken from Persian language. Since the Mughal era, this sweet is popular in Subcontinent.

Hafiz Multani Halwa, A Brief History

Since 1930, it is a story of three legend generations when a sweet, Sohan Halwa was initially introduced by Hafiz Ahmed Din. Experimentally, it was prepared in home on regular basis, which late on attracted the people and became a famous sweet. Hafiz’s pupils, friends and relatives liked it very much and appreciated a lot.
In 1963, Hafiz Habib-ur-Rehman, the son in law of Hafiz Ahmed Din took hold the recipe of Sohan Halwa. He setup a first shop or outlet in Hussain Agahi, Multan, Pakistan for selling it professionally. Here, some developed taste with new business horizons was introduced.
Hafiz Ka Multani Sohan Halwa (Hafiz Multani Halwa) became renowned in Pakistan. In 1970, another legendary expert joined the group and introduced new tastes and varieties in this popular sweet. After this, Haifz Ka Sohan Halwa earned a name and fame as a Specialty Product in Pakistan.
The third generation, during 1994 controlled the whole system of this business in Multan under Mr. Khalil, the younger son of Hafiz Habib-ur-Rehman. This was the time when this Pakistani product and its manufacturing group achieved American Quality Award for the years 93 and 97 respectively.
There are a lot of other commercial names in Pakistan, but the most popular and top rated is Hafiz Ka Multani Sohan Halwa. This has secured as a famous Pakistani Soghat (Specialty Product) in Pakistan which is presented as a gift during weddings, events and special occasions. Pakistani Soghat is a popular online shopping cart in Pakistan from where it can be got after placing order online.

Recipe and Ingredients

Sohan Halwa (Hafiz Multani Halwa) is prepared by boiling a mixture of fresh water, pure sugar, natural milk, and corn-flour until it becomes dense and solid in shape. In it, saffron is used for flavoring. The use of ghee prevents it from sticking to the pot or pan. To make it more delicious and tasty, almonds, pistachios & cardamom seeds are mixed. This is the simplest way of Sohan Halwa recipe, but getting the similar taste, richness, quality and fragrance like Hafiz’s is not an easy task. That is long journey of taste and traditions, which is only saved by Habib-ur-Rehman in Multan. Pakistan.
There are some simple ways to get this specialty product of Hafiz Ka Multani Sohan Halwa from Multan, Pakistan. First, buy it directly from the shop, which is located at Hussain Agahi, Multan. Secondly, get it online from the traditional and famous website of Pakistanisoghat.com, the only online hub of specialty products that offers you home delivery of all Pakistani Soghat (Specialty Products). Through a systematic way, you are offered all such famous and mass approved quality products directly from genuine manufacturers in Pakistan, must try to enjoy with your friends and family members at special occasions and events.

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Weight 1 kg
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Almond & Pistachio (Specialty), Walnut, Pistachio, 24 Tikki Pack, Special 2 in 1 (Pistachio & Walnut), Special 3 in 1 (Almond, Pistachio & Walnut)


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