Lal Khu Ki Barfi by Rafique Sweets, Lahore


Lal Khu ki Barfi by Rafique Sweets Lahore


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Lal Khu ki Barfi by Rafique Sweets Lahore

A delicate, light weight sweet in square and diamond shapes with off white color is barfi also locally known as mithaai in Pakistan. It is a customary sweet of Indo-Pakistan. Lal Khu Ki Barfi by Rafique Sweets, Lahore is very famous.

History of Barfi by Rafique Sweets

The Barfi is prepared all around Pakistan and amongst all the makers of barfi, the Barfi of Haji Rafiq is known for its quality. The shop was a dream of Haji Rafique and he laid the foundation in Lal Khu Lahore. The aim of Haji Rafique was to distribute and spread its special barfi among the masses of people. It was quite challenging around 45 years back to reach a wide community of people to provide them with the special Lal Khu barfi. The son of Haji Rafiq led his dream and with struggle, he finally established the shop in the name of his father. The shop is a symbol of inspiration and it is leading the industry to accomplish the goal of reaching to the global world. The shop is very popular in the city of Lahore and there are masses who come just to have the barfi of Haji Rafique. Lahore is famous for its food and special eatables, there are a huge number of people from different cities even far off places who when visit Lahore consider it an obligation to have the delightful taste of Lal Khu Ki Barfi by Rafique Sweets. The original shop has a batter quality which is located inside the Mochi gate. Families and friends often go in the inner city to enjoy the Lal Khu barfi of Haji Rafique.

Lal Khu ki Barfi Ingredients and Recipe

The special barfi is quite easy to prepare with a maximum time of 20-25 minutes for preparation process. It is a North Indian sweet with ingredients like unsweetened khoya, cardamoms, sugar, pistachio, almonds, ghee, saffron, and milk. The unsweetened khoya is grated into a fine paste and the saffron is mixed with few tablespoons of milk. A tray is greased with ghee and the finely grated khoya is flattened on the pan. The khoya is made to cook and is stirred continuously after a couple of minutes. The flame is turned off and then sugar is added. After stirring the sugar completely, the flame is turned on again and is cooked till the consistency is smooth. The mixture will leave the pan after sometime and then it is time to stop the cooking process or the Barfi with turn chewy. The sugar is added to a low flame and stirred so that the appropriate consistency is reached. The mixture is layered and then cardamoms, almonds, pistachio, etc. are added. After the addition of nuts it is mixed and then the flame is turned off. The barfi (Lal Khu Ki Barfi by Rafique Sweets) is layered on a tray greased with ghee and is sliced into square shape. It can be served right away and remains fresh for a couple of days if it is stored in an airtight jar.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Product Types

Simple Barfi, Pan Paira


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