Ghotki Pairay


Paira, pera or peda is a popular milk based sweet. It is prepared by khoya/mawa, cardamom seeds, sugar, saffron and different dry fruits. Its color, size and taste, all attract the people  to taste.

Moru Paira House, Ghotki is popular and the sole sweet shop in the city which is known by about everyone. People like this sweet and send as a gift to their relatives and friends as a special gift. Place order online for Ghotki paira wherever you live  in Pakistan, Pakistani Soghat will deliver at your doorstep.

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Ghotki by Moru paira House         

Paira is a customary and traditional sweet which has made its place in the South Asian countries. In Pakistan, it is one of the most economy earning sweets with the Paira of city Ghotki being the most popular of all.

About Moru Ghotki Paira House

Paira is being prepared for years and in Ghotki there are a number of loyal customers who delight their taste buds with the traditional sweet. The Moru paira house in Ghotki is known for its delicious paira with people all around rushing towards the shop to buy paira. It has different preparation methods with different flavor addition. The Moru paira house is around 25 year old shop with the customers who have trust on the quality of the product. The owner of Moru paira house has been preparing paira for long and he has maintained his standard quality and hygiene of the product. It is one of the reason that over the years there is an increase in the demand of customers around the city as well as in the nearby cities even in the far off cities. The increasing sale of paira day by day speaks for the loyalty of customers and their belief on the makers of the product. Although Ghotki is a small city, but whenever people visit it they consider bringing back its special paira to their family and friends. Paira is not only sold casually, but on cultural and traditional events like marriage, Eid, and celebrations it is amongst the sweet not only served but also given away as a gift to family and friends. The customers of Moru paira house speak of the taste, appetite, and temptation they feel for the luscious paira.

Ingredients and Recipe of Paira

The duration of preparation is almost an hour and ingredients like sugar, warm water, powdered milk, and a pinch of salt, cardamom, rosewater, almonds, pistachio, and peanuts which are finely chopped are needed. The metallic pan is greased with some ghee or butter. It is suggested that the pan is almost 1-2 inches deep with an appropriate size. The ingredients are to be measured properly for the best results. In the initial step, water is added to the pan with sugar and salt on a low to medium heat. The sugar starts melting in a few minutes and then the flame is turned to high so that the sugar water mixture boils. It takes the form of a syrup and just then it is removed from heat. The next procedure involves the addition of powdered milk in a pot at medium heat till it stats drizzling. A creamy mixture is formed when the sugar syrup is added to the powdered milk. In the mixture, cardamom, walnuts, almonds, and rosewater are added. It is ensured that he nuts are evenly distributed in the bate mixture. The mixture is ten poured in another tray with scrapping all the sides of the pan to remove all of the material. The mixture is allowed to cool for a couple of hours and then it is also garnished with more nuts to enhance the taste. It is cut into small squares or circles. People enjoy having paira with coffee or tea. It is stored in an airtight jar at room temperature.



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