Akhroti Halwa by Cafe Sajawal Sweets, Sadiqabad


Akhroti Sohan Halwa is very popular sweet in Pakistan as well as other South Asian countries. It is made by milk, cornflour, sugar and dry fruits. Its demand increases in winter season, which is used as a special gift.

Akhrot (Walnut) Halwa by Cafe Sajawal Sweets, Sadiqabad is highly popular in Pakistan, must taste it. Pakistani Soghat Group is available to share and send this delicious halwa for you wherever you are living in Pakistan.

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Akhroti halwa by café Sajawal

Café Saajwal is located in Sadiqabad, in district Rahim Yar Khan. It is famous for its beautiful Cholistan desert, rich culture, tradition, and food. The food is different from everywhere else, it’s more organic, better in taste and nourishing. Everything tastes better with the pure and organic ingredients. One of the most famous food places in Sadiqabad includes a beautiful café called café Sajawal. Not only this place is a restaurant but also a marriage hall. It is located at link road, Sadikabad, Rahim Yar Khan. The lactation is as beautiful as the food, and everything that they serve has an authentic recipe that has a legacy. They have best Chinese, Italian and desi food including barbecue. if you have a sweet tooth you must know about the famous akhroti (walnut) halwa of café Sajawal. People from all over Pakistan order akhroti (walnut) halwa and it is considered as a delicacy that people take when they visit their relatives. It is used as a dessert and is served at wedding receptions, parties, birth announcements or even as a gift. People book their order in advance especially in winters, wedding seasons and near Eid. Its demand increase during winters usually.

Ingredients and recipe ok Akhroti Halwa of Café Sajawal

Although the basic ingredients of akhroti halwa are same as another but the difference is they use their authentic recipe and pure organic ingredients. Their taste is unique and rich with extra nuts and spices. The basic ingredients include milk, organic sugar, flour, walnuts, grape powder and pure desi ghee. They make desi ghee on their own and this is the reason their halwa taste so much better than others. These ingredients are mixed in the exact proportion and there is no additives and preservative in the recipe, everything that they use is pure and organic. Milk is boiled at a very low temperature for a long time until its thick, all the ingredients are added including sugar, grape powder, and acetic acid. Walnuts are crushed and friend in pure desi ghee and milk is poured into it, it is then mixed at a very low temperature and finally flour is added to make it thick. Extra nuts, including almonds, cashew, pistachio, coconut are sprinkled to enhance the taste more. It is finally packed in beautiful green steel boxes and packed as a gift. Most of the people take them as a gift for their friends and family.

There are easy and simple ways to get the original halwa from café Sajwal. The first way is to go visit the place and get the halwa from the original shop at link road Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan. The second and easy way is to order it online from the famous website of Pakistanisoghat.com. a team is ready to take your order and hand deliver it to you on your doorstep within  a week. You don’t need to go and find the original shop, soghat.com will do everything for you. You can also book your order in advance.


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