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  • Akhroti Halwa by Suleman Sweets, Gujranwala


    Akhroti halwa by Suleman sweets If you are a foodie, Gujranwala is the perfect place for you. It is considered as the food hub of Pakistan, anything and everything available in Gujranwala are special and has its own unique taste. Gujranwala is situated in the province of Punjab, not only it is famous for food…

  • Akhroti Halwa by Cafe Sajawal Sweets, Sadiqabad


    Akhroti Sohan Halwa is very popular sweet in Pakistan as well as other South Asian countries. It is made by milk, cornflour, sugar and dry fruits. Its demand increases in winter season, which is used as a special gift.

    Akhrot (Walnut) Halwa by Cafe Sajawal Sweets, Sadiqabad is highly popular in Pakistan, must taste it. Pakistani Soghat Group is available to share and send this delicious halwa for you wherever you are living in Pakistan.