Khalifa Ki Badami Nankhatai


Khalifa Bakers’ Nan-khatai, Lahore

Nankhatai (Khalifa Nan Khatai)  (خطائی‎ نان) are crunchy shortbread biscuits very popular in Sub-continent countries India & Pakistan. This word of Nankhatai is derived from Irani word Naan defining bread & Khatai from an famous Afghan word describing Biscuit. Usually, in Afghanistan as well as Northeast Persia, these shortbread & crunchy biscuits are called Kulcha-e-Khataye. Here, kulcha is a kind of bread alike to Naan.

Badami Nankhatai by Khalifa Bakers, Inside Mochi Gate, Lahore is the most famous and demanding crunchy cookie. It is delicious and light sweet with unique taste.

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Kahlifa Ki Nan Khataai

If you are residing in the historical city of Lahore then you must be well aware of the real delight of the nankhataai by Khalifa Bakers. Khalifa Nan Khatai is very famous (Especially Almond Khatai). The majority of the people loves to eat the desert that is extremely unique in taste and in great demand in the whole country. It is the only name that is known for its sweat recipe with incredible excellence. The Kahlifa ki Khatai is the famous name in the whole country due to its original delight. It is a wonderful snack with tea that is always admired by the guests. The most important factor or property of this item by Khalifa Bakers is that it is light and sweet to eat.

What is Nan Khatai?

These are traditional biscuits popular in the subcontinent for its traditional taste. It is the formation of two words Naan that means bread and Khataee that is an Afghani word meaning biscuit. In Iran, these are known as Kulcha-e-khataai.

History of the Kahlifa Nan Khatai

They have been entered in the market and well known in the world of the food and baking due to its unique item Khalifa Nan Khataai since 1925 in Lahore. They are rich in experience and it is the major reason due to which the product has not lost the magic on the consumers yet. This light item is the in great demand due to its softness and traditional delight. The Khalifa Bakers prepare different products in the bakery other than this Nan Khataai including rusk, cake and many more. These biscuits contain the real delight and offer the wonderful amusement to the people who love to use it. Situated at Akbari gates it is intended with the objective to introduce the fresh and original taste of Khalifa Nan khataai.


The magic of the product is in its ingredients and its procedure of formation. Containing the simple methodology is an ideal item for the your snack in the evening with tea.
1. Sugar
2. Flour
3. Raising ingredient
4. Egg
It is quite a simple procedure to bake it, but the taste is entirely different as compared to the other brands. They are famous for the taste definitely.

Order Online

If you are fond of sweet & Khalifa Nan Khatai, then you can order it online at for free shipment. We are here to serve you with extremely good quality for the convenience of the clients. Do not hesitate to contact us for getting the product of your choice in the whole country.

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Weight 1 kg
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Almond Nan-khatai (Specialty), Simple Nan-khatai, Cake Rusk, Baqar Khani, Daal Biscuit


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