Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa


Rewari Sweets’ Multani Halwa (Sohan Halwa)

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Rewari Multani Sohan halwa

Multan is famous for three things, the Sufi tombs, beautiful Multani dresses, and food. Just like the Siraiki language they have sweet delicacies that include the world famous Multani Sohan halwa and the mouthwatering mangoes. Rewari Sweets’ Multani Halwa is highly famous after Hafiz’s .There is something in the soil of Multani that make everything taste better and sweet. The perfect sweet flavor of mangoes in the summer is replaced by Sohan halwa in winters. It is made of pure buttermilk, organic sugar, and dry fruits.

Rewari Sweets’ Multani Halwa (Sohan Halwa) is so famous that they don’t need publicity, they know the demand is going to be sky high in winters. Where everyone is busy publicizing their work they are more worried about is to get enough amount of milk and other ingredients to meet the growing demand of halwa. The original shop is located in chowk bazaar Multan, Punjab. Rewari Multani Sohan halwa is not just a shop, it’s a legacy that runs in the family and it is there for almost 54 years now. They know the demand of their customers and this is the reason they have half kg, 1 kg and more than 1 kg. They are not only famous for Sohan halwa, badami halwa, akhroti halwa, anjeer halwa, kaju halwa, Arabic halwa, special habashi halwa, pistachio halwa and others. Everything that they prepare, they make sure all the ingredients are pure and organic. Their demand increase in winters and people book their order in advance.

Rewari Sweets’ Multani Halwa (Sohan Halwa) Ingredients and recipe

A key ingredient of Sohan halwa includes sugar, pure milk, dry fruits, flour and grape powder. Their main recipe is just like other sohan halwa but their quality and taste is better than others. They heat pure buttermilk on low heat and store it continuously until it become thick, creamy and water evaporates from the milk. They add sugar and mix it well to make the mixture sweet and add sticky. The flour adds texture to the halwa and desi ghee prevent it from sticking on the bottom of the pan, finally, dry fruits are added to the mixture to enhance the flavor. This mixture is ready to serve and is packed in tin boxes with plastic lining. Finally, these boxes are ready to go, they are served as a dessert and as a sweet with hot milk and tea. It is served in weddings, birth announcement, and job acceptance or just as a gift. Their packing is beautiful and it is available in different sizes, unlike other brands.

Rewari Sweets’ Multani Halwa (Sohan Halwa) is a famous brand and is recognized internationally. It is easily available in the city. There are two main ways to get the original halwa from the shop. One way is to visit Multan and get it from the original shop located 38-chowl bazar Multan, Punjab. The other way is to order it online from the famous website of where a team of the trained individual is looking forward to booking your order and hand deliver it to you on your doorstep within one to two days.

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Simple, Badam Pak, Walnut, Pistachio


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