Barfi by Chacha Bassa Sweets, Ichra, Lahore


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Barfi by Chacha bassa Sweets Ichra Lahore

What is Barfi?

Barfi is a simple sweet made from milk confectioner. It originated in the Indian Subcontinent. It is one of those sweets which are sold like hot dogs hand in hand. There are various types of barfi; Kashmiri barfi, pistachio barfi, badami barfi, pista, and besan barfi. The type of barfi depends on the core ingredient used and the main components are sugar and condensed milk. These are cooked in the pan till the mixture takes a solid form and has holes in it.

History of Chacha Bassa Sweets

Barfi is being made since the creation of Pakistan but with passing time, the barfi of some places has dominated over the others for its taste. The Chacha Bassa sweet shop is located in Ichra, Lahore which connects to the old traditional Lahore. In the Mughal era, barfi was considered as a compulsory ingredient among sweets and still one finds a good quantity of barfi in the sweet box. The Chacha bassa sweet shop is the best in Pakistan and has been known for years for the barfi they prepare. They often enhance the flavor of their barfi with some nuts like peanuts, pistachio, almonds, and cashew nuts. The locals are tempted to have the enchanting taste of Chacha Bassa’s barfi and not only the locals but people from all over the Pakistan recognize the barfi of Chacha Bassa as the best. Barfi is an essential sweet and no occasion or celebration is complete without barfi so it is produced in huge amounts at Chacha Bassa. The edible metallic leaf is also often added on the barfi which is known as vark. It has gained an enduring position and popularity among the people of Pakistan and there are different types of barfi with unique tastes, texture, and colors of their own.

Chacha bassa Sweets Barfi Ingredients and Recipe

The preparation of barfi takes up to half an hour and the main components are pistachio, milk powder, butter, sugar, water, and crushed cardamom seeds. The pistachios are chopped into fine pieces and a tray is greased with either butter or ghee. In a pan on medium flame, butter is added and then milk powder is added. The milk powder is allowed to sautéed for a few minutes and then it is transferred to another tray. The sugar syrup is prepared by mixing water and sugar on a low flame so that the consistency of one thread is reached. It is ensured that sugar is completely dissolved in water and there are no crystals left behind. In the meantime, milk powder is added to the syrup with continuous stirring so the formation of lumps is avoided. The process of mixing and stirring is to be continued when it starts to thicken and leaves the pan. Just as soon the mixture leaves the pan it is to be transferred on the butter greased tray. The mixture is spread evenly with a spatula and is allowed to cool down a little. The barfi is cut into squares or diamond shape as desired. It is garnished with pistachios, cardamom, and almonds. It can be served medium hot or cold as desired.

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