Mazaidar Haleem, Karachi



Haleem or Daleem is a famous food in many parts of the world like the Middle East, Central Asia & the subcontinent. It is prepared by wheat or barley, meat, spices, ghee or oil, & vegetables.

Mazaidar Haleem, Karachi is one of the most popular brand names in Pakistan. Eating Mazaidar Haleem is not only tradition but also fashion, as well as need today. It can be sent to many cities in beautiful & smart tin-pack, which remains safe & sound for many days. Pakistani Soghat is here to send you this traditional dish all over the country.

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Mazaidar Haleem

One of the most popular dishes of the Indian Sub-continent and Central Asia as well as the Middle East is Daleem or commonly called Haleem. It is a variety of names across regions with diverse ingredients with its own specific taste in the regions.

History of Mazaidar Haleem

In Karachi, Mazaidar Food is one of its kind and was founded in 1985. The food chain offers a variety of desi and fast foods with the premium quality of all the products, but the nationals appreciate their Haleem the most. Hanif Khan was the founder of the food chain. At the initial stage, they just used to put up their Haleem food stall by the road. It continued until 3 years until they rented a shop. The popularity of their finest and hygienic Haleem spread so far that they increased their business as well. It was Mazaidar foods initiative that they started the tin packaging of Haleem for the very first time in Pakistan. In three holy months of Islam, Muharram, Rabi-ul-Awal, and Ramadhan, they provide with special discount rates and still ensure the quality of the product and use poducts which are healthy and hygienic.

The mazaidar food chain has also exported their tin packed Haleem in Dubai and Japan since 1992 and later on overall the world. In the year 2013, they were awarded the award of Brand of Year. Their food hygiene is ensured by the certification from the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. They provide with Halal food and have been certified by the Renaissance Inspection & Certification agency. In the year 2000, with their increased services, the founder, Hanif Khan with his sons started the Hajj travel group in Karachi. The Government and the Ministry of Religious affairs have certified their credibility and they are providing with all the essential services and facilities. They are one of the most trusted travel groups for Hajj services. They are renowned for not only their food but also the Hajj services and it is all because of the trust of their customers. Till date, they are providing with the best food at economically low prices.

Ingredients & Recipe of Mazaidar Haleem

Haleem is prepared from simple ingredients, though, but it does require specific skills for it to please the taste buds. Chicken, mutton or beef are used depending on one’s choice. There are lentils and flour used and the lentils are soaked overnight. Other than these, saturated fat, garlic, onion, rice, spices, tomatoes, coriander, and other spices are used. The lentils are cooked afterwards alongside the meat is cooked to the most in such a manner that it is soft. The spices and other ingredients are added to cook the meat and when it starts to give away oils, the meat the left to be cooked. When it is done, the meat and the cooked lentils are added together and then just cooked at low flame till both the lentils and meat are just blended together. It is best to serve with lemons, brown onion, ginger, green chili, and coriander.

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