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  • Karachi Nimco

    Karachi Nimco by Nimco Corner, Saddar, Karachi

    Nimco or Nimko is a salty & delicious dish usually offers during serving the guests, parties and functions. Karachi Nimco by Nimco, Bohri Bazar, Saddar, Karachi is the most famous throughout the country. People use it as a gift during the visit of Karachi City.

  • Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar

    Sikandar’s Shikarpuri Pickles (Shikarpuri Achaar)

    Shikarpuri Pickles are famous around the world due the tastes, spices, varieties and qualities. Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar are popular in the world, a lot of pickle varieties are available in catalog, select and order for enjoying this tasty traditional food.

  • Mazaidar Haleem, Karachi


    Haleem or Daleem is a famous food in many parts of the world like the Middle East, Central Asia & the subcontinent. It is prepared by wheat or barley, meat, spices, ghee or oil, & vegetables.

    Mazaidar Haleem, Karachi is one of the most popular brand names in Pakistan. Eating Mazaidar Haleem is not only tradition but also fashion, as well as need today. It can be sent to many cities in beautiful & smart tin-pack, which remains safe & sound for many days. Pakistani Soghat is here to send you this traditional dish all over the country.

  • Karachi Haleem

    Haleem or Daleem is a popular spicy dish in the Middle East, Central Asia as well as the subcontinent. It includes wheat, barley, meat, spices, ghee or oil, and vegetables.

    Karachi Haleem is the most popular brand name in Pakistan, located in Shahrah-e-Jahangir, Karachi, which is spreading the traditional taste of Haleem in the city. Now, this delicious & spicy Karachi Haleem is available in tin-pack that is couriered throughout the country by Pakistani Soghat, place order today.


  • Kashmiri Kulcha by Saien Kulcha Shop

    Kashmiri Kulcha is a popular traditional food. It is prepared by purpose flour, salt or sugar, baking powder as well as baking soda with vegetable oil or ghee. It is usually of small size, which is a special food which is sent as a specialty gift to friends & relatives abroad too.

    Kashmiri Kulcha by Saien Kulcha Shop, Muzaffarabad is the most popular shop in the city which shares a traditional taste of sweet & salty kulchas. Order online us today for the safe and quick kulcha delivery anywhere in Pakistan.

  • Shikarpuri (MBM) Mango Pickle

    Mango pickle is prepared by green mangoes, vegetables, spices and oil. It is very famous spicy dish, equally highly demanding in Pakistan, India and the whole South Asia.

    Shikarpuri Pickle, manufactured by MBM (Moula Bakhsh Memon) is the most perfect in taste and usage. People use it in, breakfast, lunch & dinner. It is popular in European countries too.

  • Javaid Nihari, Karachi

    Javed Nihari, Karachi

    Javed Nihari is the most famous and delicious traditional food in Karachi. It is available with chicken and beef meat. Safe & sound online delivery anywhere in Pakistan via LCS & TCS.

  • Zahid Nihari, Karachi