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  • Karachi Haleem


    Haleem or Daleem is a popular spicy dish in the Middle East, Central Asia as well as the subcontinent. It includes wheat, barley, meat, spices, ghee or oil, and vegetables.

    Karachi Haleem is the most popular brand name in Pakistan, located in Shahrah-e-Jahangir, Karachi, which is spreading the traditional taste of Haleem in the city. Now, this delicious & spicy Karachi Haleem is available in tin-pack that is couriered throughout the country by Pakistani Soghat, place order today.


  • Anwar Ka Khushabi Dhoda


    Dhoda, a popular delicious sweet of sub-continent. Khushab city, Punjab, Pakistan is very famous for manufacturing of this traditional sweet. This is Anwar Dhoda House, Khushab’s specialty, must taste it, which is prepared by fresh milk, sugar, alum, liquid glucose as well as ghee with dry fruits in it. Pakistani Soghat offers you this festive sweet direct from Anwar Dhoda House, Khushab, place order today.

  • Amin Ka Khushabi Dhoda


    Dhoda is a festive & delicious sweet, famous in Sub-continent. Khushabi Dhoda in Khushab City by Amin Dhoda Dhoda Houses are very famous in Pakistan that traditionally provides the pure & real taste of this unique sweet. It is prepared by sugar, milk, alum, liquid glucose and ghee with a variety of dry fruits, must taste this delicious sweet directly from its genuine manufacturer by Pakistani Soghat.

  • Ghotki Pairay


    Paira, pera or peda is a popular milk based sweet. It is prepared by khoya/mawa, cardamom seeds, sugar, saffron and different dry fruits. Its color, size and taste, all attract the people  to taste.

    Moru Paira House, Ghotki is popular and the sole sweet shop in the city which is known by about everyone. People like this sweet and send as a gift to their relatives and friends as a special gift. Place order online for Ghotki paira wherever you live  in Pakistan, Pakistani Soghat will deliver at your doorstep.

  • Afzal Ka Khushabi Dhodha


    Afzal Ka Khushabi Dhoda

    Afzal Ka Khushabhi Dhoda is a well-known specialty of Khushab City. It is made by pure & delicious ingredients. People buy it as a gift and make their occasions happy with this unique lovely sweet.

  • Kashmiri Kulcha by Saien Kulcha Shop


    Kashmiri Kulcha is a popular traditional food. It is prepared by purpose flour, salt or sugar, baking powder as well as baking soda with vegetable oil or ghee. It is usually of small size, which is a special food which is sent as a specialty gift to friends & relatives abroad too.

    Kashmiri Kulcha by Saien Kulcha Shop, Muzaffarabad is the most popular shop in the city which shares a traditional taste of sweet & salty kulchas. Order online us today for the safe and quick kulcha delivery anywhere in Pakistan.

  • Noonay Ki Barfi, Lalamusa


    Barfi, or burfi is simply a dense milk based sweet confectionery from different countries of South Asia, a type of sweet (mitahi). Originally from India & Pakistan, the name of this sweet is a derivative of the Persian word barf, it describes snow. It is highly delicious & demanding if you get it from Noona Halwai (Ashrafi Sweets), Lalamusa City the taste will be original and remembering. Must try and send gift to your family members, relatives, friends and beloved ones.

  • Jalandhar Motichoor House Kay Laddoo


    Jalandhar Sweets (Jalandhar Motichoor House, Lahore)

    Laddu or laddoo are ball-shaped sweets popular in Pakistan & India. Moteechoor Laddus are made of fresh & pure flour, minced dough as well as sugar with other ingredients which vary by recipe. These are often served at festive or religious occasions.

    For delicious, genuine and traditional taste, must taste Moteechoor Laddoo by Jalandhar Motichoor House, Anar Kali, Lahore. These are the most popular laddoos in Pakistan.

  • Amrasa, Batkhela, Malakand


    Amrasa, a delicious sweet, traditionally popular from Batkhela, Malakand. In the city, there are three brothers who are famous in manufacturing of high quality Amrasa sweet. Pakistani Soghat provides this traditional sweet at your doorstep from the highland of love, hospitality and sweetness, place order online.

  • Shikarpuri (MBM) Mango Pickle


    Mango pickle is prepared by green mangoes, vegetables, spices and oil. It is very famous spicy dish, equally highly demanding in Pakistan, India and the whole South Asia.

    Shikarpuri Pickle, manufactured by MBM (Moula Bakhsh Memon) is the most perfect in taste and usage. People use it in, breakfast, lunch & dinner. It is popular in European countries too.

  • Akhroti Halwa by Suleman Sweets, Gujranwala


    Akhroti halwa by Suleman sweets If you are a foodie, Gujranwala is the perfect place for you. It is considered as the food hub of Pakistan, anything and everything available in Gujranwala are special and has its own unique taste. Gujranwala is situated in the province of Punjab, not only it is famous for food…

  • Akhroti Halwa by Cafe Sajawal Sweets, Sadiqabad


    Akhroti Sohan Halwa is very popular sweet in Pakistan as well as other South Asian countries. It is made by milk, cornflour, sugar and dry fruits. Its demand increases in winter season, which is used as a special gift.

    Akhrot (Walnut) Halwa by Cafe Sajawal Sweets, Sadiqabad is highly popular in Pakistan, must taste it. Pakistani Soghat Group is available to share and send this delicious halwa for you wherever you are living in Pakistan.

  • Hafiz Abdul Wadood Ka Multani Sohan Halwa 301


    Hafiz Abdul Wadood Ka Multani Sohan Halwa Multan the land of saints is famous for its architecture, cloths and one thing that every foodie has a passion for, Sohan halwa. In summers Multan is rated as one of the best in production of mangoes and in winters it is best to produce sohan halwa. People…

  • Al-Muhafiz Multani Sohan Halwa


    Al Muhafiz Multani Sohan Halwa

  • Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa


    Rewari Sweets’ Multani Halwa (Sohan Halwa)

  • Barfi by Nisar Sweets & Bakers, Chakwal


    Barfi by Nisar sweets backers Chakwal Chakwal is a famous city in Pakistan which is famous for its culture, traditions, and food. One of the famous things available in Chakwal includes barfi by Nisar sweets. It is made of pure milk and sugar with dry fruits that enhance the flavor. The shop is located on…