Patisa by Amritsari Recipe

Patisa by Amritsari Recipe


Chickpea flour (1 cup)

All-purpose flour (1 cup)

Oil (1/2 cup)

Sugar (2 cup)

Full fat Milk (1 tbsp.)

Water (1 cup)

Glucose syrup (1 teaspoon)

Cardamom powder (1 teaspoon)

Almonds (for garnishing)


In a pan add oil and let it heat, once it is heated enough add chickpea and all-purpose flour. Keep stirring the mixture, it will turn into a thick paste; while this is cooking prepare the syrup.

In another pan add water and sugar and put it on medium heat. Once the mixture is boiled the syrup will become thick, keep stirring the mixture we want it to be very thick, add glucose syrup. Check with the help of spoon, if you see threads forming you have reached the desired consistency.

Now pour the mixture into the syrup, with the help of a fork beat the mixture. The syrup will take in all the mixture turning into thin flaky texture. Keep mixing till whole mixture is absorbed and the flakes are formed.

Grease the pan or tray and dish it out. Now with firm pressure press it down. Once it reached the room temperature cut it down with the help of a knife.

Sprinkle crushes almonds on top and serves it.

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