Barfi by Chacha Bassa Ichra Recipe

Barfi by Chacha Bassa Ichra Recipe


Dry Milk powder (2 cups)

Fresh full butter milk (1/2 cup)

Pistachios (1/4 cup powdered)

Almonds (1/4 cup powdered)

Sugar (3 cup)

Oil or ghee (1/2 cup)

Rose water (few drops)


In pan add the ghee and keep the pan on low heat until the ghee is clear. Once it is a little hot you can add fresh milk and milk powder. Make sure you add fresh milk and milk powder together, if you wait a little longer, milk will become hot and it will form lumps when you add milk powder.

Keep stirring the mixture, you will see the mixture will be like a creamy paste, we need a little thick consistency. For our desired consistency just keep stirring, you can add sugar now. Because sugar is powder you will see the consistency will become a little thick, now you can add a few drops of rose water.

Once the sugar is dissolved perfectly, the mixture will be a little thin. Just increase the flame and keep stirring. Once the mixture has thick consistency just the way you want it to be, dish it out in a pan.

Spread the mixture with a spoon and wait for it to cool. Once it is at room temperature cut it into small cubes, and your burfi is ready to be served.

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