Cham Cham by Sohny Sweets Recipe

Cham Cham by Sohny Sweets Recipe


Full fat milk (1 liter)

Vinegar or lemon (2 tbs)

Sugar (1 cup)

Water (1 cup)

Cardamom powder (3-4 tbsp.)

Coconut powder (3-4 tbsp.)

Khoya or condensed milk (1 cup)

Almonds crushed (3-4 tbsp.)

Pistachios crushed (3-4 tbsp.)

Cashews crushed (3-4 tbsp.)


Pour the milk in a pan and put the pan on medium low flame. Let it boil on low flame, let it boil and become a little thick. Now, add vinegar or lemon juice, water in milk will separate from the solid mix. Drain the water from the curd by using a sieve or a thin cloth. This will work as the base for cham cham.

Kneel the curd until it turns into dough, now evenly distribute the dough and shape it like a ball or even in oval shape.

In a pot add equal amount of water and sugar, let the sugar dissolve until water is thick and sticky.

Add the curd balls into the sugar syrup and let it soak the sugar, it will increase in size and become softer.

Dish it out and slit it from the middle, add a layer of khoya in the middle and sandwich both parts together. Finally, add crushed almonds, pistachio, coconut powder and cashews on top.

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