Barfi by Nisar Sweets Recipe

Barfi by Nisar Sweets Recipe


Khoya or condensed milk (1 cup)

Sugar (1/4 cup)

Cardamom powder (3-4 tbsp.)

Almonds crushed (3-4 tbsp.)

Cashews crushed (3-4 tbsp.)

Pistachios crushed (3-4 tbsp.)

Saffron (1tbs)

Milk (1 ½ tbsp.)

Oil (2 tbsp.)

Almonds crushed (3-4 tbsp.)

Pistachios crushed (3-4 tbsp.)


If you don’t have khoya you need to prepare it from scratch, however if you have khoya already it is very easy for you.

Crumble the khoya and kneel it with the help of your hand, it will convert into a thick dough like structure.

Take a pan and grease it by using oil or ghee, now layer the khoya on the base and stir it while it is on low flame.

Add sugar and oil, the sugar will caramelize and this will make the khoya sticky and thick. When the sugar will be dissolved it will leave the sides of the pan and this is your cue.

Don’t cook it too much, just take it off from heat, now grease a pan and spread it evenly on the pan. Once it will cool down, it will become a little hard.

Cut it down in small pieces, finally sprinkle the crushed almonds and pistachios on the top and serve it.

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