Baffa Khoya by Jumma Khan Recipe

Baffa Khoya by Jumma Khan Recipe


Full-butter milk (1 liter)

Sugar (3-4 tbsp.)

Cardamom powder (2- 3 tbsp.)

Rose water (few drops)

Saffron (1 tbsp.)

Crush almonds (optional)


Heat the pan on low flame and pour in milk. Let it boil on low flame and add cardamom powder to enhance the aroma and taste.

Add sugar and let it caramelize in the mixture; now add few drops of rose water for aroma and taste.

Keep stirring the mixture, use a wooden spoon for stirring.

Take two tbsp. of warm water and add one tbsp. of saffron and let it dissolve, now add this into the milk let it simmer.

One milk is thick and less watery, add a little oil. This will prevent the khoya from sticking.

Garnish it by using crushed almonds or any other dry fruit you like.

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