Haji Rasheed Ka Sohan Halwa Recipe

Haji Rasheed Ka Sohan Halwa Recipe


Milk (1 liter)

Lemon salt (half table spoon)

All-purpose flour (1/4 cup)

Full grain Wheat flour (2-3 table spoon)

Sugar (1 cup)

Oil (1/4 cup)

Cardamom powder (2 table spoon)

Almond (chopped for garnishing)

Walnuts (chopped for garnishing)


Pour in milk in a pan and put it on medium flame, once it is boiled add all-purpose flour along with full grain wheat flour. This will make a smooth thick paste, keep stirring and add lemon salt. The smooth paste will turn grainy.

Keep stirring the mixture till water evaporates and the mixture is reduced to half. Add sugar into the mixture, once sugar is dissolved the consistency will be more moist and sticky.

Keep stirring the mixture until your desired consistency, now add oil. Oil will prevent the mixture from sticking at the bottom; once it is fully cooked you will see oil will leave the sides of the pan.

Mix some almonds and walnuts in the mixture and dish it out on a greased pan. Once it is at room temperature sprinkle the remaining of walnuts and almonds on top.

Cut the mixture into slices and it is ready to be served.

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