Mand ki Barfi Recipe

Mand ki Barfi Recipe


Milk powder (1 cups)

Fresh full fat milk (1 cup)

Full cream (1 cup)

Pistachios (1/4 cup crushed optional)

Almonds (1/4 cup crushed optional)

Sugar (3 cup)

Oil or ghee (1/2 cup)

Rose water (few drops)


Pour in the oil in a pan and heat it on low flame, add milk powder and fresh milk. Mix it very well, once it is mixed add cream into the mixture. Keep stirring till the consistency is a little thick, now add cardamom powder and rose water into the mixture, this will enhance the flavor and aroma.

The mixture will be thick and creamy now add sugar into the mixture and increase the heat from medium to medium high. After it is melted you will see the constancy is a little thin, just keep stirring. After sometime water will evaporate and leave a thick fluffy paste behind.

Once you are satisfied with the consistency and you think it’s thick enough. Dish this mixture out and spread it with the help of a spoon in a greased plate or dish.

Let it cool a little, once it cools down just cut it into desired shape. Barfi is ready to be served you can also sprinkle some dry fruits on top.

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