Kasuri Andrassay by Tahir Sweets Recipe

Kasuri Andrassay by Tahir Sweets Recipe


Water (1.5 cup)

Sugar (1/2 kg)

Rice flour (600 g)

Sesame seeds (1/4 cup)

All-purpose flour (2 table spoon)

Baking soda (1/2 teaspoon)

Oil or ghee (1 cup)


In a pan add water and sugar, keep stirring the mixture till all the sugar is dissolved and it is sugar syrup.

Let it cool a little, once it is a little hotter than the room temperature it is ready to be used.

In a bowl add rice flour, baking soda and all-purpose flour and mix it well, now add the sugar syrup little by little. Keep mixing it till it is hard like dough.

Roll this dough with the help of a bread roller. Once it is rolled into one inch thick layer cut it with the help of a round cutter. If you don’t have cutter or bread roller you can make small balls. Roll these balls in sesame seeds according to the taste; you can also sprinkle if you want.

In a pan pour in oil and let it heat.

Fry these round cut biscuits in the oil and keep turning them over every five minutes. Once it is golden brown from both sides take it out on a parchment paper.

It is ready to be served.

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