Gulab Jamun by Sohny Sweets and Bakers 2000 Recipe

Gulab Jamun by Sohny Sweets and Bakers 2000 Recipe


Sugar (3 ½ cup)

Water (2 cup)

Khoya (300 g)

Cheese (100 g)

All-purpose flour (60 g)

Cardamom powder (2-3 teaspoon)

Ghee or oil (3 cup)

Almond (2-3 tbsp.)

Cashew (2-3 tbsp.)

Pistachio (2-3 tbsp.)



In a pan add 3.5 cup of sugar and 2 cup of water, put the pan on heat and let it heat. Add 1 tea spoon of cardamom powder into the syrup to enhance flavor and aroma Sugar will dissolve slowly caramelizing and transforming water into thick sugary syrup.

Mix khoya and cheese together in large plate. This will turn into a light soft dough, kneel it with the help of hands. Add all-purpose flour in it, the mixture will turn into hard dough. Add one tea spoon cardamom powder and keep kneeling the dough.

Distribute the dough into equal parts; now make each part of the dough into small round balls.

In a big pan add oil or ghee and heat it on medium flame. Once it is heated reduce the flame from medium to low. Now add dough balls and fry them, they will change the color to light golden brown. Once they a golden brown from all sides take them out and dip them in sugar syrup.

The dough balls will absorb the syrup and increase in size.

Dish them out and sprinkle crushed cashew, walnut and pistachio on top. Gulab jamun are ready to be served.

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