Malai Jamun by Bhahani Sweets Recipe

Malai Jamun by Bhahani Sweets Recipe


Powdered milk     (1 cup)

All-purpose flour   (1/2 cup)

Oil/ ghee (2 cup)

Fresh milk (1tbs)

Khoya or condensed milk (one cup)

Egg (1)

Butter or curd (1 and half tbsp.)

Baking soda (1/4tbs)

Cardamom powder (1/5 tbs)

Pistachio (crushed 3-4tbs)

Almond (crushed 3-4 tbs)

Sugar syrup

1 ½ cup sugar

1 ½ cup water

Rose drops

Cardamom (3-4)


Mix the entire dry ingredient and pass the dry mixture through a sieve. Now mix all the wet ingredient except the ingredients for sugar syrup. Mix dry and wet ingredients and grease you hand, now with the help of your hand kneel the dough.

Divide the dough into equal parts and make balls, fry these balls in oil till the color is golden brown. Make sure all the sides are equally brown, now with the help of a tooth pick check the inner core of the gulab jamun, and make sure there is nothing sticky on the toothpick, this means dough balls are perfectly cooked.

Make sugar syrup by adding equal amount of water and sugar along with cardamom powder to enhance flavor and aroma. Now, add all the fried dough balls into the syrup.

Dough balls will soak all the syrup and increase in size; Let it sit for an hour.

Now is the time to take it out, wait till it cools down to the room temperature.

Cut the gulab jamun into equal halves and spread an even layer of condensed milk (khoya) on each slice. Now sandwich it together and you are done with your malia jamun, repeat the process for each gulab jamun.

Dish it out and sprinkle almonds and pistachio on the top.

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