Jamil Sweets Plain Barfi Recipe

Jamil Sweets Plain Barfi Recipe


Dry Milk powder (4 cups)

Fresh full butter milk (1 cup)

Cardamom powder (2 tbsp.)

Pistachios (optional)

Almonds (optional)

Sugar (4.5 cup)

Oil or ghee (1 cup)


Heat the oil in a pan and once it is heated enough add milk powder and fresh milk. Keep stirring the mixture until there are no lumps and the mixture is thick and smooth just like a paste. The key is smooth mixture, if you add milk powder in hot fresh milk it will form lumps and to avoid it make sure you do it simultaneously.

Add sugar in the mixture, it will become a little thick and once the sugar starts melting you will see the consistency will be thin due to released water by sugar. Increase the flame and keep stirring, this will help water to evaporate easily.

Add cardamom powder to enhance flavor and aroma. Add a little oil if it is sticking at the bottom of the pan, the consistency will become thick after some time.

Once it is thick enough and you have your desired consistency, grease a pan and dish it out on a pan. With the help of a spoon spread it into a thick layer and let it cool. Sprinkle almonds, pistachios if you want but original recipe is just plain without dry fruits, cut it into small cubes, and your burfi is ready to be served.

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