Imartis by Dilpasand

Imartis by Dilpasand


Split black grams (1 cup)

Rice (1 cup)

Food color (1 tea spoon)

Water (3 cups)

Sugar (3 cups)

Saffron (1/2 tea spoon)

Rose water (3-4 drops)

Cardamom powder (1 tbsp.)

Oil or ghee (3 cups)


Soak black split grams into warm water and let it sit for about 2 to 3 hours, leaving it overnight is even better.

In grinder grind one cup rice with half cup water, gently add more if you want. Make sure the consistency is not so watery.

Similarly, grind the grams with half amount of water till the consistency is thick.

Now mix the paste of rice and split black grams, add food color, add half of the cardamom powder and some drops of rose water. Now, mix it properly until the color is even in the mixture.

In a pan add 3 cups of water along with 3 cups of sugar on medium low heat, wait till sugar is dissolved completely and the mixture is thick.

Pour the oil in a pan and place it on low heat, wait till it’s hot and bubbling.

Fill this mixture in piping bag, make design according to your choice.

Once it is fried, dip it in the syrup. It will soak the syrup; it is ready to be served.

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