Qadeemi Sohan Halwa Recipe

Qadeemi Sohan Halwa Recipe


Sugar (1 kg)

All-purpose flour (1 kg)

Oil/ ghee (1 kg)

Milk (2 cup)

Water (4 liter)

Saffron (2 tbsp)

Cardamom powder (3 tbsp.)

Pistachio (optional for garnishing)

Almonds (optional for garnishing)

Walnuts (optional for garnishing)

Grape powder (2 tbsp.)


We have to make the sugar syrup first, for this we will pour water and sugar in a pan and place it on a stove. This will heat and sugar will melt on medium low flame, once it is fully dissolved let it boil for five minutes.

In this syrup pour in the milk and keep stirring after every 5 minutes. Once it is boiled you can check it with a spoon, just dip the spoon in the mixture and once it’s out touch it with your finger you will observe it is sticky and on pulling apart there is a thread.

Dissolve saffron in few tbsp. of milk and you will see the color is changed, add it to the sugar syrup. Pass all-purpose flour from a sieve and add it to the mixture. The texture will change and it will become thick just like a paste. Keep stirring, once it is very thick add oil, this will prevent it from sticking at the bottom. Remove it from the flame and grease a pan. Pour the mixture in greased pan and spread it evenly with the help of a spoon.

Once it is at room temperature garnish it with dry fruits if you want and cut it into pieces and it is ready to be served.

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