Makhandi Halwa by Mehmood Kalabagh Recipe

Makhandi Halwa by Mehmood Kalabagh Recipe


Semolina (1 cup)

Milk (1/5 cup)

Sugar (1 cup)

Water (1/3 cup)

Oil or ghee (1/2 cup)

Almonds (3-4 tbsp.)

Pistchios (3-4 tbsp.)


Soak semolina in milk for almost 30 minutes, overnight is even better. You can also use water instead of milk to soak semolina but milk will give smooth and creamy texture.

In a pan add ghee on low heat and let it melt, once the ghee turn into oil add in sugar and pour in water to help the sugar melt easily. Keep stirring till sugar is fully dissolved.

It will form nice golden syrupy mixture, add the soaked semolina and keep stirring the mixture. Stir continuously till the consistency is soft, thick and fluffy. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture.

Reduce the flame to low and keep mixing till you reach desired consistency. Sprinkle some almonds and pistachios on top and mix it well.

Dish it out it is ready to be served just sprinkle some extra almonds and pistachios.

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