Akhroti Halwa by Café Sajwal Recipe

Akhroti Halwa by Café Sajwal Recipe


Walnuts crushed ( ½ kg)

Cardamom powder (1 tbsp.)

Sugar (1/2 kg)

Semolina (1/4 kg)

Butter (3 tbsp.)

Oil (3-4 tbsp.)

Khoya or condensed milk (1 cup)

Butter Milk (1 ½ liter)

Almonds crushed (optional)

Cashews crushed (optional)


In a pan add oil and let it heat, after two minutes add cardamom powder.

Now add crushed walnuts and let it turn light brown, once the color is changed add semolina and keep stirring.

Add sugar to the mixture and let it caramelize, now add milk and let it simmer.

Milk will soak the walnuts and turn it a little soft, now add a little butter and gently stir the mixture.

It will turn light brown, one it is brown add khoya and sprinkle almonds and cashews for garnishing and enhancing the taste.

Dish it out and let it cool, serve it with hot tea or milk.

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