Motichoor Laddoo by Rehmat-e-shireen

Motichoor Laddoo by Rehmat-e-shireen


Gram flour (2 cups)

Cardamom powder (2 tbsp.)

Sugar (1 cup)

Milk (1/4 cup)

Water (4 cups)

Food color optional according to requirement

Oil or ghee (3 cups)

Almonds crushed (5-6 tbsp. for garnishing)

Pistachios crushed (5-6 tbsp. for garnishing)

Cashews crushed (5-6 tbsp. for garnishing)


In a pan add 1 cup of sugar and one cup of water, sugar will dissolve making sugar syrup. let the mixture boil until it is thick enough, now add cardamom powder to enhance the aroma, the best way to check it is press it between fingers, if it is sticky, its ready.

Now add milk in this mixture and stir in slowly. Add desired food color and wait for it to boil.

Once it is boiled remove it from the stove.

Mix gram flour with water and make sure the consistency is thick and creamy.

In a pan add oil and let it heat; add the mixture little by little by using thick sieve as a molder. This will make sure the size is very small.

Take out the small fried balls and add it to the caramelized sugar mixture. Fried Balls will soak the sugar and increase in size.

Now dish the fried ball dipped in sugar out, crush it well and mix them by using a fork.

Greece your hands and make it into fine balls. Sprinkle crushed almonds, pistachios and cashews on the top. It is ready to be served.

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