Afzal ka Khushabi Dhodha Recipe

Afzal ka Khushabi Dhodha Recipe


Full butter milk (10 cups)

Alum powder (1 pinch)

Pistachios (crushed 4-5 tbsp.)

Sugar (3.5 cups)

Oil or ghee (2 tbsp.)

Liquid glucose (2tbsp.)

Almonds (crushed 3-4 tbsp.)


In a pan pour in all the milk except ¼ cup and put it on medium heat. Once it is boiled reduce the heat to medium low and keep stirring. Till then keep the ¼ cup of milk aside.

While stirring every 5 minutes, add the sugar. You can pour all in at once or you can wait and add little by little if you want. There is no difference in flavor at all. Now, add powdered alum and keep stirring.

You will see the water is evaporating and milk is becoming thick. Once it is reduced to half you will see the texture is grainy and thick just like a cream. Now, you can add the oil or ghee and liquid glucose to the mixture.

Once the mixture is light brown add the remaining ¼ cup of milk. This will help the mixture to stay moist and soft.

Now grease a pan and dish out the mixture, with the help of a spoon spread it into a thick layer and sprinkle some crushed almonds and pistachios on top. You can cut it into small cubes or pieces if you want.

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