Anwar Ka Khushabi Dhodha Recipe

Anwar Ka Khushabi Dhodha Recipe


Full butter milk (1.5 liter)

Sugar (1/2 kg)

Wheat (1/4 kg crushed flakes)

Yogurt (1 cup)

Oil or ghee (1/2 cup)

Pistachio (1/4 kg crushed finely)

Cashew (1/4 kg crushed finely)

Almonds (1/4 crushed finely for garnishing)

Rose water (few drops for aroma)


In a pan add one liter milk and ½ kg sugar, wait till it boils. When it is boiled, wait for five minutes before adding wheat flakes into the milk. Now, reduce the flame to medium low and keep stirring after every five minutes.

In a grinder add ½ liter milk and 1 cup yogurt and grind it well. Keep the grinder on till the milk is thick and creamy, you will see a layer of cream on the surface, that’s when you know it’s done.

Pour this yogurt and milk mixture into the boiling milk, you will see the milk turning into curd. Keep stirring, this will become thick like a paste. This will stick to the bottom of the pan, add oil to the mixture and with the help of two spoons toss the whole mixture until it’s perfectly mixed with oil.

Now add half of the almonds, cashews and pistachios. Mix the mixture well and finally add few drops of rose water, this will enhance the aroma and flavor. Dish it out on a flat tray or plate and spread it evenly on the dish with the help of a spoon. Sprinkle the left over almonds, pistachio and cashews.

Wait till it cools down; cut it into thin slices with knife. It’s better to let it cool because if you cut it hot this may stick together.

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