Al-muhafiz Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe

Al-muhafiz Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe


Wheat flakes (250 g)

Water (1 liter)

Sugar (1 kg)

Milk (1/2 cup)

Oil or ghee (250 g)

Cardamom powder (2 teaspoon)

Tartaric acid (2g)

Nutmeg powder (1/2 teaspoon)

Almond (1/4 cup)

Pistachio (1/4 cup)


In a pan add water and let it boil, while it is boiling add nutmeg and tartaric acid powder.

Once it starts to boil add sugar and stir till it forms a syrup. We are aiming for perfect golden brown syrup. It will be thin at first just, add wheat flakes flour in the mixture and let it boil, it will become thick.

Although it is thick but it’s still watery, our goal is to reduce the water and make the texture thick. Add milk to the syrup and keep stirring.

The milk will turn into curd, this will turn the smooth thick paste into grainy paste. Keep stirring till all the moisture is evaporated and only solid is left.

Now, keep adding oil little by little, don’t stop stirring. Once the consistency is thick and grainy it will stop absorbing oil. This is the cue that it is ready.

Dish it out on a tray and sprinkle almonds and pistachios on top. It is ready to be served.

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