Akhroti Halwa by Suleman Sweets Recipe

Akhroti Halwa by Suleman Sweets Recipe


Walnuts (1 kg)

Khoya (1 cup)

Fresh milk (1 cup)

Sugar (1 cup)

Cardamom powder (1 table spoon)

Milk powder (1/2 cup)

Oil or ghee (1/4 cup)


Crush the walnuts into big flakes, don’t grind it into powder this will give a powdery taste we want it to be crunchy instead.

In a pan add oil and let it heat, after almost 5 minutes add the crushed walnuts and keep stirring. You will feel they will turn into light brown color with roasted aroma.

Crumble the khoya by using a shredder and add it into the roasted walnuts. Before khoya start to turn into oil, add milk powder into it.

The mixture will be thick and powdery, add sugar into the mixture. Now add fresh milk, cardamom powder and keep stirring.

After almost 15 minutes on medium high heat the mixture will become thick and it will get the desired consistency.

Dish it out on a plate or serving tray and it is ready to be served.

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