Cherish the Sweetness of Makhadi Halwa in Gatherings

Makhadi Halwa is an authentic sweet which basically originated from the Sub-continent and then it was also known in the eastern India. It is one of the purest forms of sweets with its unique and traditional taste. The taste of the special Makhadi Halwa is blissful and people of Pakistan is cherished around the country….


Giving a different and delicious touch to Cottage Cheese – Kacha Golla Recipe

Cottage cheese is more than simple cheese used as a core ingredient in the special sweet like Kacha golla. It is a celebrated sweet around Pakistan and India. Kacha golla is known for years in Pakistan and India and especially in their events like Eid, Shab-e-barat, Navratri, and Holi etc. The kacha golla recipe is…

New Campus Dahi Bharay Recipe

New Campus Dahi Bharay Recipe Ingredients: Yogurt (1 kg) Salt (2 tablespoon) Chili powder (2 tablespoon) Spice mix (4 table spoon) Potato (1/2 kg) Onion (1 thinly sliced) Tomato (1 thinly sliced) Cabbage (1/2 thinly sliced) Green chili (3 table spoon) Green coriander (3 table spoon chopped) Mint leaves (optional) Dry Pomegranate seeds (3 table…