Khushab Dhoda History

Wonder why Khushab Dhoda is named so?

Khushab Dhoda’s History:

The history of Khushab Dhoda dates back to the 1900s when the health-conscious Hans Raj who was a phalanx resided in Khushab. He desired to have a perfect, wonderful, and tasty food item to eat which would give him maximum energy and health. He was working on his diet and wanted a food supplement that would serve as a raise in his energy. And then Khushab Dhoda was introduced which helped him in maintaining his health. 

khushab dhodas history

1947 and Beyond the Dhoda’s Evolution:

When, in 1947 he migrated to India the halwaaes in Pakistan refined the dhoda recipe more and they came up with new styles. Moreover, the popularity spread to India as well and people there celebrated the sweet. Pakistani cooking sites have also promoted the tasty and delicious recipe of Khushab dhoda and among these, the most popular is of Amin Sweet Shop in Khushab.

Khushab Dhoda More Than Just a Sweet:

It is a special traditional sweet and is a gift that came from Khushab. It has the specialty that makes everyone happy who just even takes a bite; even if it is a kid or an adult. Dhoda is a simple way of expressing your emotions and you can celebrate your special events, enjoy them, make memories, and make your days special with Rhoda. Pakistani food blogs have also provided the recipe for Khushab dhoda and you can also place an online order to have the deliciousness of the fresh dhoda at your home. When the partition of the subcontinent took place in 1947, the original makers of dhoda moved to Kotkapura and Hans Raj moved to India, but the unique taste of that time is still kept alive by the people and dhoda makers in Khushab. The Khushab dhoda is a pride for the city and it has a variety of different tastes which are all mouthwatering and delicious.

Khushab Dhoda

A City’s Pride and Culinary Heritage:

It is more than just a cultural heritage for the city of Khushab and marks a pride for the manufacturers. If you need a recipe for the special sweet and want to make it for your family and guests at home you can visit Pakistani cooking sites and Pakistani Soghat who have the special recipe. Moreover, if you want to have the unique Khushabi dhoda, you can place an online order for Khushab dhoda by contacting Pakistani Soghat at +92 333 6362124. On special occasions like Eid, engagement and marriage ceremonies, and birthdays you can enjoy the celebrations the most with the special Khushabi dhoda. The richness of taste and deliciousness of dhoda is not comparable to any other sweet and the best thing about it is that it is prepared with massive care. The ingredients used are pure and clean with the dry fruits which add to the taste and give you a feel which is unforgettable. When you have the Khushab dhoda in your mouth you will actually feel the quality of products used and the standards which have been maintained over the years. Pakistani food blogs also celebrate their happiness with it and you can send this special item to your family and friends as a gift on different occasions and they will definitely love it.

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