History of the delicate and delicious Kacha Golla

People around the Sub-continent loved the Kacha golla and they have always been eager to have the taste of this special sweet. It is also known as Pranhara and authentic Pakistani recipe blogs also have the recipe for the sweet. It is a round sweet just like a rasgulla, but in the latter one the chana which is basically the cottage cheese is cooked. The Kacha golla has raw cottage cheese and this is what makes it taste different from the other sweets which have cottage cheese. The real taste is not compromised at any cost and the kacha golla recipe is also on the authentic Pakistani recipe blogs.

When the year is full of the days of celebrations and these festivals are welcomed by the people of Pakistan. They celebrate their happiness and share it with their family members, friends, and relatives and have the kacha golla o their tables to serve as a sweet. The delicious sweet just melts in the mouth and satisfies the taste buds. There are lights around the homes and other mosques and people distribute and send it as gift to their relatives. Roadside stalls are also set up and there are well reputed sweet shops and they have a variety of different colorful sweets, but kacha golla stands out among all these. The buyers often have to wait in queues to have the kacha golla, but it has been made easy today as you can place an online order for kacha golla by contacting Pakistani Soghat. They make sure that they deliver from the well-known and authentic place who manufacture the original one without any other components and fake ingredients.

The main ingredients used are gram flour, saffron, rose water, raisins, nuts, rose water, coconut, kewra essence, jiggery, milk, and sugar. You can also find the kacha golla recipe on Pakistani Soghat site and the authentic Pakistani recipe blog. The milk is basically transformed to the fine quality of chana and this is shared with the gracious and as an eligible gift and is devoted to the guests. It is also sent abroad to the loved ones and people even living in the foreign countries love to eat and cherish the Kacha Golla. It has marked its taste with the appearance and smell which make it mouthwatering.

Moreover, it is not only a famous product of Pakistan but in the countries like India and Hong Kong the kacha golla has also been known for its special taste. It is an essential sweet in the Indian festivals and in Pakistan it is sent a gift, while the Indians present it to their Goddess and is then distributed as Prasad to the believers of those Gods. They consider it a blessing of their God. If you want to place an online order of Kacha golla in Pakistan, you can call at (0333 6362124) which is the official contact to Pakistani Soghat who specialize in the delivering happiness at your doorstep. They do not compromise on the quality and standards of the sweets.

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