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Delhi Rabri (doodh dulari) Recipe

Delhi Rabri doodh dulariDelhi Rabri (doodh dulari) Recipe


  • Cham Cham (1/4 kg)
  • Fruits can cocktail (2 tin)
  • Fresh milk (2 liter)
  • Cream (1 pack)
  • Jelly (2 different packets)
  • Vermicelli (1/4 kg)
  • Condensed milk (1 tin)
  • Khoya (1/4 kg)
  • Rose water (3-4 drops)


Pour milk in a pan and put it on medium low heat, keep it there for almost 20-25 min. keep stirring or this may stick or burn at the bottom. The milk will become thick and it will reduced to almost half.

Add cream to the mixture and keep stirring, cream will dissolve in the mixture and this will become thicker, now add the vermicelli in the mixture, and reduce the flame to medium low.

Keep stirring the mixture, this will become thick with the starch released from vermicelli, make sure you focus on the texture, don’t make it too thick. Remove it from flame and let it cool down. Once it is a little cool, add jelly into the mixture.

Now add cham cham into the mixture, also add fruit cocktail and condensed milk. In the end add few drops of rose water and mix it well till you see everything fully covered in white milky mixture.

Dish this out and decorate it with the left over jelly. Keep it in fridge and serve it when it is chill.

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