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Welcome to pakistanisoghat.com website. Following terms and conditions are applied for this site, and all of the divisions, subdivisions, subsidiaries and its affiliated internet operated sites also reference these terms and conditions.

By accessing this site you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. In case you don’t agree to our terms and conditions of use, you are not allowed to access this website any longer. It is the right of the website to alter, add, eliminate or modify any part of these terms and conditions at any time they want. Changes will be applicable once they are posted on the website, and site can do so without any notification or prior notice. The consumer have to keep check on the updates on regular basis. The continued use of the site and continuous following of the posts and updates means that the consumer agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned along with the updates.


In order to access this website consumer must be 13 years of age and above in case of age less than 13 parental guidance is needed to access the website. Website is granting you a non-transferable and revocable license to access this website, under the given terms and conditions for the purpose of shopping of all the items that are sold on the site.

The use of this website for any commercial purpose by a third party is prohibited, unless it is permitted by us in advance. In case of breaching any terms and conditions may result in instant termination of the license granted, without any prior notice.

All the content provided on this website is solely for information purpose. All the products on this site are not made by us and are brought specially from the respective outlets.

User submissions

Everything that is submitted on the website or is provided to us including reviews, questions, comments, quarries and suggestion, once submitted become the property of the website and shall not be returned to you. In addition to this, on posting anything on website you are granting permission to the website to use the name you submitted with the review, comment, suggestion or question. You shall not use any incorrect address, email, pretend to be someone else that you are not or post any misleading content to mislead us, readers or everyone else. The website have all rights reserved that we may but shall not be responsible for removing or editing any submission.

Price and order placement

The user must know that the website have all rights reserved for refusing, canceling or not accepting an order if they want at any given moment for any reason. Website may ask to provide additional information or verification that includes phone number, address or any other information before accepting the order.

In order to avoid a fraud related to credit or debit cards, website has a right to get proper validation and details of payment before placing or conforming order and to verify the personal information that is provided. The process of verification may need personal information like address, identity and payment process. The absence of a conformation call or any follow up after placing an order automatically cause the order cancellation within the two days. Website reserve the right of direct cancellation of an order if we suspect any risk, fraud or credit debit issue.

The basic aim is to provide accurate pricing information for the users on the website however, errors may occur in some cases. In case the pricing of an item is not correct on the website, we reserve the right to refuse, simply cancel any order or even contact you for instructions at the discretion of the customer. Website has all right reserved to cancel any order if there is a complaint even after it has been conformed and credit card charged.

Copyrights, Registration and Trademarks

All thing on the website either registered or unregistered, also any content that includes information content, website design, any text written, graphics, software, photos or videos are the intellectual property of the website.  Everything including sounds, music and their selection as well as arrangement including the software are the property of the website. Everything on this website is protected by copyright under Pakistan copyright law and international convention.


In case of any dispute, controversy, scandal or differences that arise out of implementation, interpretation performance of terms and conditions shall all be settled through a proper channel of attribution that includes a single arbitrator that works according to the rules of chartered institute of arbitrators. Attributor shall be an individual who is legally trained and experienced in the field of information and technology and works as an independent party. The venue of the arbitrator shall be Lahore, and the proceeding shall take place in English language. The word of the arbitrator shall be considered as final and also may be entered in the court of competent jurisdiction and enforced according to the arbitration act 1995 chapter no.4. The website also reserve the right to pursuer a legal suit for the protection of intellectual property and confidential information.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

All the terms and conditions mentioned shall be interpreted and governed by the rules and law enforced in Pakistan. Each party hereby agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of Pakistan and also to waive any objection related to venue.


In addition to all the terms and condition provided the website has the right to terminate all the terms and conditions, add any or modify any clause or all without any prior notice. Upon termination of terms and conditions, you will no longer be able to access or use this site. In case of termination, the agreement shall not affect any rights or obligation of the parties arising before the termination. You also agree that the site shall not be responsible at all to you or any other person as a result of any suspension or termination. If you still do not agree to the terms and condition of this website, rules, regulation, policies and guidelines, it is your opinion and you may discontinue the use of the site.


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