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  • Jamil Sweets’ Plain Barfi, Islamabad


    Jamil sweets plain barfi Islamabad The days are gone when Islamabad was just a planned city with every food shop closed at 10 o clock. Islamabad has emerged with its own flavor that is the combination of best food products from all over the country. People from all over Pakistan have now come up with…

  • Baba Patisa, Gujranwala


    Baba Patisa Gujranwala A popular and well known North Indian sweet is Patisa. It is simply a cubed shaped sweet which has a flaky texture and is crispy. It basically originated in India in the region Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and West Bengal. It is also very popular in Pakistan and has a numbers of…

  • Lal Khu Ki Barfi by Rafique Sweets, Lahore


    Lal Khu ki Barfi by Rafique Sweets Lahore


  • Barfi by Chacha Bassa Sweets, Ichra, Lahore


    Barfi by Chacha bassa Sweets Ichra Lahore What is Barfi? Barfi is a simple sweet made from milk confectioner. It originated in the Indian Subcontinent. It is one of those sweets which are sold like hot dogs hand in hand. There are various types of barfi; Kashmiri barfi, pistachio barfi, badami barfi, pista, and besan…

  • Kacha Golla by Dacca Sweets, Karachi


    Kacha Golla by Dacca Sweets Karachi What is Kacha Golla? Kacha Gola is a traditional sweet. It is basically common in India but with the flow of populations between Pakistan and India, it is now prepared in Pakistan as well. It is a sweet made from paneer/ cottage cheese and milk and sugar. It is…

  • Motichoor Laddoo by Rehmat-e-Shereen, Karachi

  • Rabri by Dehli Rabri, Karachi


    Delhi Rabri House, Karachi

    Delhi Rabri House is a famous traditional name in Karachi, Pakistan. A number of delicious sweets are offered by this sweet house, especially Rabri. It is made by pure milk, sugar and dry fruit, must try it. Pakistani Soghat offers it for you online in tin-pack anywhere in Pakistan via overnight service of TCS & LCS.

  • Javaid Nihari, Karachi


    Javed Nihari, Karachi

    Javed Nihari is the most famous and delicious traditional food in Karachi. It is available with chicken and beef meat. Safe & sound online delivery anywhere in Pakistan via LCS & TCS.

  • Zahid Nihari, Karachi

  • Sheermal by Haji Mehfooz Sheermal House, Karachi

  • Taftan by Haji Mehfooz Sheermal House, Karachi

  • Haji Rasheed Ka Sohan Halwa


    Sohan Halwa is a delicious traditional sweet, equally famous in Pakistan. It is prepared by fresh milk, sugar and dry fruits. For serving family members and guests people buy it.

    Hajee Rasheed Sweets & Bakers, Bahawalpur offer a high quality Sohan Halwa throughout the country. People like it very much.