Sohan Halwa by Khawaja Sweets, Jhang


Sohan Halwa is a popular traditional sweet in the subcontinent. Sohan Halwa by Khawaja Sweets, Jhang is usually called the specialty product of Jhang City, Punjab Pakistan. It is prepared by Semolina, sugar, milk & dry fruits by professional hands. The taste, fragrance and quality of Khawaja’s Sohan Halwa is popularly amazing, order us online for direct shipment of this traditional Sohan Halwa from Khawaja Sweets, Jhang.


Sohan Halwa by Khawaja Sweets Jhang

Sohan Halwa stands amongst the most delighted and loved desserts and sweets of the Subcontinent. It is distributed among family and friends and also presented as a gift on special occasions. It is a traditional sweet of South Asia with having a special place in Pakistan and India. There are people who love to delight their taste-buds with Sohan Halwa from foreign countries as well.

About Khawaja Sweets Jhang’s Sohan Halwa

The Sohan Halwa of Khawaja is like a treat for not only the people in Jhang but it is also a demand of the people belonging to far of cities than Jhang. The shop has a history of 50 years and the initiative was taken by Mr. Khawaja who was the prime founder of the Sohan Halwa shop. Till date, now his predecessors are using the same recipe as him and have maintained the quality of product in all these years. It has developed a special taste which bring the customers back to the shop craving for more. The shop has a number of workers who prepare the Halwa with the same technique as it was formerly introduced. The Sohan Halwa shop of Khawaja is popular among the locals and the nonnatives as well. The shop is run by son and grandsons of Khawaja sahib and they are working just to ensure the quality of the product as it has been from the beginning. Khawaja sweets have maintained the quality of their product and this is one of the reasons that they have loyal customers who have been purchasing from them for years. It is not only the Sohan Halwa of Khawaja, but his other sweets like Jaleebi, Gulab Jamun, Halwa Pori, and Barfi have also made their place in the market. Sohan Halwa is truly the most favorite among the people and there is always a hassle of people rushing towards the shop especially on cultural events like Eid or Shabraat, family gathering, celebrations and on marriage occasion as well. In 50 years, the demand of the customers for Sohan Halwa has increased and there are people who consider it an obligation to eat the Sohan Halwa of Khawaja, when they visit Jhang from other cities. The people from other cities also request their family and friends residing in Jhang to bring them Sohan Halwa when they visit their hometown.

Ingredients & Recipe of Khawaja Sweets’ Sohan Halwa

The recipe is quite simple with the addition of milk, sugar, semolina (sooji) which is a purified form of wheat middling. It often used in breakfast, pasta, puddings, and cereals as well. Semolina, milk are mixed in large broad pans and cooked until a solid state is reached. To make it sweet, sugar is added and the taste enhances with the addition of dry nuts like, pistachio, walnut, almonds, and cashew nuts. It is then layered on large trays and evened out to give a symmetrical look. The packaging is done by cutting it in small blocks and then tin packaging and gift packaging is one. It can be served hot or cool and still the taste is mouth-watering.


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