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Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar

Sikandar’s Shikarpuri Pickles (Shikarpuri Achaar)

Shikarpuri Pickles are famous around the world due the tastes, spices, varieties and qualities. Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar are popular in the world, a lot of pickle varieties are available in catalog, select and order for enjoying this tasty traditional food.



Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar

Shikarpuri Pickles are popular around the world due the unique tastes, spicy ingredients, different varieties and fine qualities. Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar have a wide range with lovely tastes. People like it very much and use with breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. If someone visits to Shikarpur, he/she gets this specialty from the city. People also offer it as a gift to their guests.

Shikarpuri Pickles (Achaar), Different Types:

These are some of the pickle types which are offered by Sikandar, Shikarpur:

Mango (Specialty) | Mix (Specialty) | Lemon | Green Chili | Bitter Ground (Karela) | Grewia Asiatica (Faalsa) | Glutinous Fruit (Lasoora) | Lotus Root (Bhe) | Carrot | Garlic | Peas Curry (Chola) | Spinach (Palak) | Ginger | Onion | Chicken | Fish | Mix Vegetables | Green Chatni | Sweet Chatni | Sweet & Sour Chatni (Khatti Meethi) | Plum Chatni (Aaloo Bukhara) | Imli Chatni | Apple Murabba | Aamla Murabba | Gulqand

All types of pickles are offered in oil as well as vinegar to provide the customers amazing & customized tastes. Some people don’t like oil or their health conditions don’t accept oily thing, in such situation vinegar is the best option to enjoy the deliciousness of life. Here, Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar are the best one & popular to serve your guests during breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Sikandar  Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar Sizes & Packing

Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar are available in different sizes in safe & portable packing. 1, 5, 10, 15 &  20 KG packs are available, select which you like more. For retailers and domestic users, 1 KG plastic bottles are the best options. Wholesalers & shopkeepers use 5, 10, 15 & 20 KG packs. Carrying & travelling with small packs is easy.

You can also send Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles, Achaar as a gift to your members of family, relatives, friends and beloved ones anywhere in Pakistan by us. Shikarpuri Pickles are the best traditional gifts to make the people life spicy & delicious. Contact us for any type of orders online. Call or text: 0333-6362124

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