Namkeen Paneer by Dacca Sweets, Karachi



Namkeen Paneer by Dacca Sweets Karachi

What is Namkeen Paneer?

Among the South Asian countries; Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, Paneer is one of the most consumed cheese. The boiled milk is heated with vinegar, lemon juice or some other fatty acids which turn the milk into cheese. In India and Bangladesh, it is also known as chhena when it is in its moist form. It is also core ingredient of some dishes and also enhances the taste of other food items in which it is added even in small amounts.

History of Dacca Sweets Karachi

Namkeen paneer is prepared in many cities of Pakistan and amongst these, the Dacca sweet shop in Karachi are rated the highest. They have been working for around three decades. The demand of customers has increased over the time. They have prospered and increased their working space to live up to the increasing demands of their customers. They serve meals thrice a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have facilitated their customers with dining in, take away, and delivery services as well. The not only prepare and sell paneer but also add their pure paneer in different food items. Paneer is known for its unique taste and it increases the tastes of other dishes as well. It is one of the most popular items prepared by Dacca sweet shop in Karachi. Paneer can be taken with bread or can be added in dishes like Palak Paneer, Matar paneer, paneer paratha, egg bhurji, and saag etc. In Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, there is are queues of a number of people for the delicious paneer prepared by Dacca sweets. The customers have developed trust on the owner Tauseef, and they know that he prepares and serves all of his food items in a healthy, hygienic environment and maintains the standard of the products. Over all these years, the taste of paneer has remained same without any complaints. Paneer is not only sold in Karachi, but it is also sent to other cities of Pakistan and exported to foreign counties as well.

Namkeen Paneer by Dacca Sweets Karachi Ingredients and Recipe

Paneer can be made at home in around 30 to 40 minutes. The ingredients required for its preparation are full fat milk, 2-3 table spoons of vinegar, curd, or lemon juice. To prepare paneer, a liter of milk is boiled and as soon as the milk starts to boil, lemon juice or vinegar is added in to it. The milk starts to curdle after a few minutes and then it is removed from the flame. Cheesecloth is used then to strain the milk and the whey is drained from it. The milk shreds are held tightly in the cheesecloth and it is checked after almost 30-40 minutes. In this duration, the paneer will be set and it can be cut in small cubes as desired either warm or cool. The paneer can also be stored in the refrigerator as it can remain good for almost 3-4 days. It is suggested to store it in an air tight container so that the freshness is preserved.

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