Makhadi Halwa by Nazeer, Kalabagh


Makhadi Halwa is a sweet and delicious dish of Kalabagh. Its ingredients are semolina, ghee, sugar and dry fruits. Nazeer Halway Wala in Kalabagh is popular in this specialty item. It can be couriered to many cities of Pakistan (People send it as a special gift to their relatives, friends and beloved ones, live abroad). Nazeer’s Makhadi Halwa from Kalabagh city at its original taste is shared by Pakistani Soghat swiftly, everywhere in Pakistan.


Makhadi Halwa by Nazeer Kalabagh

Makhandi halwa is considered as one of the favorite sweets in Pakistan. Although it’s easy to make and most of the time mothers make it at home for their kids especially in winters. Makhandi halwa of Nazeer Kalabagh is the most famous of all, not only it is rich and unique in taste but also it is very nourishing. The sweet and soft texture of halwa with a little crunch of nuts it is mouthwatering. The shop is located in Kala bagh which is famous for the controversial Kalabagh dam. Kalabagh is located in Mianwali district in Punjab. Nazeer Kalabagh is famous for its Makhandi halwa, they use pure and organic ingredients and although people have tried replicating their recipe but it is not just a recipe but a legacy that cannot be replicated. The demand of Makhandi halva rises in winter and sometimes it is rather difficult to get the original halva. People try to book their orders in advance for weddings, ‘Eid celebrations, birth announcements, and other occasions. It is on the bucket list of every foodie who has a sweet tooth.

Ingredients and Recipe of Makhadi Halwa by Nazeer, Kalabagh

The key ingredients are pure desi ghee, semolina, sugar, cardamom and dry fruit. The basic recipe is to soak the semolina in water and let it sit for an hour or two. They then melt the sugar in pure desi ghee and add cardamom powder and is stirred properly to mix it with semolina. Cardamom has a nice taste and aroma that enhance the taste of halwa, water soaked semolina in then added to heated caramelized sugar and stirred it continually. When it became soft and water evaporated, almonds, cashews, pistachios, coconut and other dry fruits are added to enhance the flavor of the halwa. Although it is an easy recipe but they add secret ingredients in the halwa to make its taste stand out from others because people have tried duplicating their products now. The semolina is soaked in milk rather than water and other nuts are added. It is not only nourishing but good for eyesight, migraine, muscles, and headache. The nuts and pure desi ghee strengthen muscles and are good for brain and eye.

There are some easy ways to get the original mkhandi halwa from the original Nazeer Kalabagh shop. The first way to get the halwa is to visit Kala bagh and find the original shop to get the halwa. The second way is to order the makhndi halwa online from the website They have a team who is expert in booking the order and getting it from the original shop. They hand deliver the original halwa to your doorstep within a week. You can also book your order in advance for wedding season, birthday announcements, gifts and other occasions. It is hand packed in their original sweet boxes that are courier friendly, people even send this as a gift to their friend living abroad, and it is the best gift that a person can bring if he is living in Kala bagh.


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