Kashmiri Barfi by Qand Fishan, Gujrat



Kashmiri Barfi by Qand Fishan Gujrat

What is Barfi?

Barfi is a square shaped sweet which is prepared with dense milk. It has a white o off-white color and is a traditional and customary sweet also known as mithaai in simple word. It has its history since Indian Subcontinent. Barfi comes in many different types with the barfi being made from peanuts, cashew, gram flour, pistachio being the main core ingredient. These are mixed with milk and sugar and then cooked till it takes a solid form.

History of Kashmiri Barfi by Qand Fishan

In Gujrat, the Qand Fishan is amongst the well-known cuisine for its sweets and they have their marriage hall as well. The place is well decorated and attracts its customers to offer them a furnished place from a wide area. There is also play area for children. They have two branches in Gujrat one of them exists independently on Pakistan Chowk, while the other one is linked with the marriage hall at Ramtalai chowk. They prepare the best Kashmiri barfi of Gujrat and other than locals, there is also a rush of people coming from different cities. The people often order big amounts of Kashmiri barfi when they have special events or any cultural event. Qand Fishan is working to provide and fulfil the demands of its customer and often there is so much rush on events like Eid that people have to wait for hours in queues. It is quite challenging for the makers as well to prepare the Kashmiri barfi is such large amounts so that the demand can be fulfilled. The barfi is exported on demand t other neighboring countries as well. The locals often take Kashmiri barfi for their relatives and friends when they go to visit them in different cities.

Ingredients and Recipe

The components which are required for the preparation of Kashmiri barfi are almonds, cardamom powder, sugar, and ghee. The almonds are soaked in water for a long period of time so that their skin peels off. The almonds are then grinded to make a fine paste avoiding any lumps. A sugar water mixture is prepared; water and sugar are mixed to make a consistent syrup on a medium flame. To prepare barfi, the consistency of the syrup needs to be one string. The almond paste is then added to the syrup with continuous stirring. Ghee is added in small amounts and then mixed with addition of ghee at intervals. The process is continued until the mixture is holding up and is soft but solid. In case the mixture turns solid after removing from heat, there is nothing to worry about. It can be made soft by adding it back to the pan and heating for a couple of minutes with the minor addition of ghee. When the mixture comes at a point where air bubbles start appearing, it is removed from heat and moved on a greased tray. The tray is shaken in such a way that the mixture takes an even form. It is allowed to cool down and then cut into diamond or square shaped with the addition of almonds, pistachio etc.

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